Solar Photovoltaic Programme for Schools

The Government have at long last, announced the first phase of the Schools Photovoltaic Programme, which includes over 1,600 schools
The offer is available free of charge to all schools nationwide offering 6 kilowatts of solar PV
In addition Schools that wish to avail of larger installs can avail of the commercial grant working out at 20% off the cost of any additional installation.
For full details of the programme please refer to the scheme guidance documents and forms available on the Department of Education’s website at Schools PV Programme.

SolarSure your partner in Solar Installation

Solarsure will help you every step of the way.  Schools must register for the programme and receive confirmation of eligibility before seeking any works to be carried out. 

Solarsure will provide quotes directly to the schools who in turn must submit these to the Department of Education for review and provision of full funding for approved costs.

As Solarsure are listed on the SEAI Non-Domestic Micro-Generator (NDMG) we are here to assist with all your installation needs.