Commercial Solar with SolarSure

You can save up to 70% and more on your electricity bill
SolarSure can save you 70% and more on your electricity bill prices by installing Solar Panels
Enjoy over 30 years of low-cost fixed rate electricity as a result
SolarSure work with several financial institutions to provide low interest green energy loans and Power Purchase agreements, speak to our team today to find out more
By installing Solar you are reducing your carbon footprint helping to save our planet and sending a strong message to your customers and potential customers of your commitment to our environment

Low Interest Solar Loans

Green Energy Low Interest Loans

There are several financial Institutions now offering highly competitive loans focused on reducing your carbon footprint, some of these include, The Irish Credit Union Group, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank and your local Post Office, However SolarSure can also assist you in providing power purchase options. 

A power purchase agreement is designed to ensure little, or no capital investment cost is required, you receive a low cost electricity solution and you are provided with a competitive payback period which will vary depending on the size and requirements of your project. Please speak to one of our team members that can help.
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How the SEAI Commercial Grant operates

Up to 6KWp up to €2,400 grants with an additional
€300/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 7kWp-20kWp
€200/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 21kWp-200kWp
150/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 201kWp-1,000kWp

SEAI Commercial Grant

 Solar PV System Size Grant amount / kWp Annual kWh*Total Grant
6kWpUp to 6kWp  5,400 kWh  Up to  €2,400
 20kWp  €300/kWp  18,000 kWh  Up to  €6,600
200kWp€200/kWp 180,000 kWhUp to  €42,600
450,000 kWh
Up to  €87,600
 1,000kWp€150/kWp 900,000 kWhUp to  €162,600

Annual kWh* — These consumption figures are estimates and you will receive a site specific production figure with your quote