SolarSure provide free consultation, and custom design solar panel installation on farms.

Receive up to 60% of a grant through the TAMS Solar support fund. 

By installing solar panels on your farm, you will receive substantial benefits to farms and agriculture. By harnessing the sun's energy, farms will hugely reduce their electricity costs.

Solar power will also provide energy independence, ensuring consistent electricity supply that normally can be hard to reach during power outages.

By reducing your carbon footprint and making huge savings off your bill, installing solar on your farm will provide you with a greener and more financially sustainable future.

Solar panel grants for Irish farms.

With grants from the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI), you can receive a government grant aid towards the installation of solar PV for your farm. 

Farmers are now eligible to apply for grant aid to install solar PV on their rooftops under the new Targeted Agricultural Modernization Scheme (TAMS) which opened for applications at the end of February.

SolarSure are here to help you through the stages of applying for the TAMS grant application, just ask one of our team that will be delighted to assist.
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